Put simply, our job is to help interpret our Client’s tastes and then find and acquire the best available selections of art going beyond our Client’s expectations.   Our role is to make the whole process of acquiring, placing and owning art as rewarding, cost-effective and efficient as possible.

We have especially strong experience working with interior designers and private clients to acquire pieces for specific spaces, where our signature style of combining ancient, modern and contemporary work has helped create extraordinary results.

We also revel in building more specific, in depth, collections for private clients.

Specifically our services comprise:

Aesthetic Direction:

We love bringing our passion for beauty and aesthetic quality into the conversation with designers and our Clients, all in an effort to create extraordinary collections and spaces.

Sourcing and acquisition:

We constantly monitor the global art market to identify the best possible acquisitions for our Clients, from the most recent abstract painting created in New York, to “new to the market” antique sculpture. We will co-ordinate all aspects of our Client’s acquisitions to ensure Client satisfaction.

Framing, Delivery, Placement & Installation:

We help deal with all the logistics involved in acquiring, receiving and owning your artwork, using our long-held relationships to provide the best quality and value for our clients.

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